Today FOREVER and PROMISE Mean more than I LOVE YOU and I MISS U ❤️


I don’t know why but I have come to realize that  the words like “forever” or “always” hold any meaning in this mortal world. Continue reading “Lies….❤️”

SECRET Things….

Why do we live in the dark? why do we blame others for our life style.?

They talk about love. They talk about betrayals. You know what really makes sense. That cracked part of your heart which is neither broken completely and is neither the same as to earlier. You are at the stage where you are fine at the day hours but as the night approaches, reluctantly u r into pieces, pieces which cannot be collected, pieces that are bounded to be apart, and hey do u know why it happened? The only reason is you ! The reason was that you allowed a predator to get to your life and take away your FEELINGS… Your EMOTIONS.. And the most renowned part – that person hardly cares. Yahahaha….

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