Christmas Drives 🍁

Lately, I’ve been having these sexual awakenings where I long to spend some time and make love to someone. It is not necessarily desperation, I wouldn’t call it an outburst of hormones or something like that. My sex life is not that active, I rarely go out of my room nowadays.

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The December’s 05:00 Am 🍁

What does it feel like talking to your favorite people and beyoing about what actually hovers you on a chill December morning at 05:00am somehow because you are neither a 2/3Am person.

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Will It even STOP..?

It happened randomly ! after all life isn’t planned 🍁

I didn’t want it to let go ” read the 16th page of his so called favourite book. Various authors ranging from Paul Coelho to Charles Dickens could be seen all over the room and yet all seemed buried by the arrogance of the majesty. He was so full in himself yet empty. It wasn’t the similar things now

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Those raising hands should have stopped 💙

The people I see everyday and who have become like brothers and sisters. Over the last year, they have gotten annoyed with me several times – for forgetting to do things, not putting things back where they belong, forgetting to follow general life rules.

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